Tranin Communications
Helping Nonprofits Shine


What types of applications have you written?

I have written grant applications to foundations, corporations, and city, county, state, and federal governments. My clients are in the fields of education, youth development, social services, homeless shelters and transitional housing, healthcare, museums, arts, and ethnic heritage. Grants from over 50 grantors have funded operations, programs, assessments, capacity building, remodeling, capital equipment, and capital campaigns for my clients.

What is your fee structure?

I work on an hourly basis. Once we’ve discussed your needs, I will give you a proposal with an estimate of time involved and costs. The proposal will specify an upper limit of cost so you know what to expect. I will only charge you for the time I actually spend working on your project. I will invoice monthly, detailing what I’ve spent time on in 15-minute increments.

Will you work on contingency for a percentage of the grant if awarded?

I do not work on contingency. I have a proven history of successfully securing grants and will give you an excellent product that will certainly increase your odds of being funded. However, there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of an application that are beyond my control. In addition, most funders will not approve contingencies and professional grantwriting organizations consider the practice unethical.