Tranin Communications
Helping Nonprofits Shine


Is fundraising cutting into program time, making it hard to focus on your mission? Tranin Communications can help by providing these services for your nonprofit organization:

Tranin Communications is located in Seattle, Washington, and focuses on working with small nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest. See the FAQs for rate structure and other information.

Finding Prospective Grantors

One key to being successful is being selective. Tranin Communications can help you determine which prospective grantors are the best matches for your organization, saving you time and money, and yielding the best results. With key databases at my fingertips and deep personal knowledge of the grantor community, I can help you be selective and successful. After an initial interview to learn about your organization and programs, I will research prospective grantors. Then I will provide you with a spreadsheet with a list of prospective grantors, comments on why they are a good fit, rankings on the likelihood of funding, contact information with potential questions, application deadlines, and amounts to request. I will then meet with you to discuss priorities and strategies, and develop a schedule with application due dates.

Writing Introductions to Grantors

Forging relationships with grantors is an important aspect of fundraising success. Before applying to a new grantor, it is often best to connect with them and lay the groundwork for your application. Since each grantor has different contact preferences, I will advise you on how to best approach each one. I will draft an introductory email for you to send. Or, for a phone call, I will write talking points for you to use (an outline of how the phone call might go). I will give you background on the grantor, suggest which programs to highlight, and suggest what questions to ask.

Writing Grant Applications

From small letters of interest to full-scale federal grant applications, Tranin Communications will be your ghost writer. My system is designed to make the process painless for you, with few interruptions and demands, no rushing, and maximum control over the final product. Concise writing that clearly shows how the project and organization fits with the grantor’s mission has provided Tranin Communications clients with hundreds of grant successes.

Training Staff in Grantwriting

Tranin Communications can work with your staff to develop written materials that answer most basic grant application questions. I can help your staff develop grant strategies and outlines in response to specific grant guidelines, review and edit applications written by staff prior to submittal, and advise staff on how to strengthen past applications that were not successful.

Editing and Proofreading

Eighteen years of corporate experience and training as a Marketing Writer/Editor enable Laura Tranin to produce polished documents. From marketing materials to technical reports, a well edited document helps your organization shine.

Writing Other Materials

Tranin Communications can also help you write grant reports, executive summaries, factsheets, newsletters, technical reports, style guides, manuals, brochures, annual reports, and marketing materials.